About Me

•Postgraduate Cognitive Behaviour Therapy training (‚Psychologischer Psychotherapeut’) at the Institute for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Brandenburg. I am working with individuals and groups, children, teenagers and adults. Besides modern cognitive behavioural therapy,  I feel inspired in my work by integrative approaches in psychotherapy, which have added to their holistic understanding of the human condition aspects from depth psychology, systemic therapy, transpersonal and integral psychology.

•Training as Holistic Systemic Coach / Business Coach, approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF), at Passion for Coaching/Academy for the Art of Coaching, Berlin

•Psychology studies in Berlin, Germany (Humboldt University) and Cardiff, U.K. (University of Wales); Master of Philosophy in Psychology, Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology

•Qualifications in relaxation techniques (e.g. autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxation); my special interest is based in mindfulness techniques.

•Professional Trainings and Certifications:

As mindfulness training I have been practising meditation since 1999, in my daily personal practice I am following the Bön-Buddhist dzogchen path of the Tibetan tradition. Here, I have attended the mindfulness curriculum of the secular “Three Doors Academy”, which is an intensive transformative three-year-training (see http://the3doors.org), initiated by the Tibetan meditation expert Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche.

Trauma therapy (German Society for psychotraumatology, DeGPT, certified courses) with, among others, Barbara Kalinowski, Dagmar Eckers, Helga Mathess; Traumazentrum Berlin, www.traumazentrum-berlin.net

EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing; certified by EMDRIA professional society) with Arne Hofmann, Dagmar Eckers, Michael Hase, Hans-Henning Melbeck (www.emdr-institut.de)  and Francine Shapiro ( conference workshops in the USA)

Ego-State-Therapy und Hypnotherapy (with, among others, Kai Fritzsche, Maria Schnell, Dirk Revenstorf;  Institute for clinical hypnosis and Ego-State Therapie, Berlin, www.ifhe-berlin.de)

Schema therapy with, among others, Werner Puschmann, Barbara Costaz, Eckhard Roediger (Institute for Schema therapy Berlin, www.schematherapie-berlin.de) and with Jeffrey Young (conference workshops)

Sensorimotor Therapy (modern neuroscience-based body therapy method with a focus on mindfulness, to treat disorders and dysfunctions resulting from the aftermath of trauma, e.g. with either acute traumatisation or attachment and developmental trauma and resulting difficulties in personality development) with Janina Fisher, Kekuni Minton and Lana Epstein (Sensorimotor Therapy Institute Europe, training in London)

IRRT (Imagery Rescripting and Reprocessing Therapy for the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorders), training with Prof. Mervin Smucker

•Before working in my own practice I was working as a psychologist in Germany at the Charité Hospital at the Institute for Sexual Science and Sexual Medicine and at the Psychiatric University Hospital at the St.-Hedwig’s Hospital Berlin. I was also working as a psychologist at the Psychosomatic Rehabilitation Hospital Waren/Müritz, at the Child and Youth Psychiatric Hospital in Lübben/Spreewald and for the Social Psychiatric Service in Berlin.

•Social Work in Germany, the U.K., the U.S.A. and in Sri Lanka with various client groups (the homeless, people with mental health problems, physically and mentally disabled children and adults, tsunami survivors, old people in need of care, socially marginalised groups such as drug addicts, gay and lesbian and transgender youth) has given me since a young age deep glimpses into different aspects of  human existence.

•International scientific publications in the area of sexology and in the area of addictions.